I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Language Center at KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with a PhD in Education Policy Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign specializing in comparative and international education and program evaluation.

My current research examines the impact of internationalization and globalization on urban school systems and in higher education and the lived experiences of teachers amidst system transformation. Focusing on these areas in the Turkish, Kazakhstani, and more broadly, EU and Central Asian contexts, has allowed me to explore the uneven ways social policies are implemented and experienced at different levels or scales in transition contexts. Incorporating a spatial lens further reveals how other factors, e.g., socio-economic status, ethnicity/nationality, and community networks, contribute to the (re)production of inequality by structurally privileging certain spaces over others.

I am currently co-editing a book titled Language Change in Central Asia with my colleague, Juldyz Smagulova, which will be published by Mouton de Gruyter in 2015. You can find out more about the projects and publications that I’ve been working on in the Research section of this website and on my CV.

At KIMEP, I teach both undergraduate and graduate students (MA). The courses that I teach range from language acquisition theory, intercultural communication, language policy, program evaluation, and research writing and methods.

In addition to my research interests, I am also interested in data visualization, travel photography, and a random assortment of hobbies including learning the harmonica, the kobyz, and perhaps even bee farming.

Countries/Regions of Expertise
Turkey, USA, Kazakhstan, the Former Soviet Union, Central Asia, European Union

Area of Expertise
Language and education policy; education change and reform; internationalization of (higher) education; bi- and multilingual education; education and (in)equity; sociology of language and education; program evaluation; globalization

Получила степень магистра лингвистики и доктора в области исследований образовательной политики в Университете Иллинойса в г. Урбана-Шампейн (УИУШ), США. Диссертация посвящена институционализации языка на раннем этапе развития Республики Турция. Преподавала в УИУШ четыре года, научно-исследовательские интересы – языковая политика и процессы планирования, язык и образование, социология образования, глобализация и высшее образование.
Урбана-Шампейн қаласындағы (АҚШ) Иллинойс Университетінен (УШИУ) білімдік саясат саласында лингвистика магистрі және доктор дәрежесін алған. Диссертация Түркия Республикасы алғашқы даму кезеңінде тілдің институционалдауына арналған. УШИУ-де төрт жыл сабақ берген, ғылыми-зерттеулік мүдделері – тіл саясаты және жоспарлау үдерісі, тіл және білім, білімнің әлеумет ғылымы, ғаламдану және жоғары білім.
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