‘Round the Internet This Week: 8 April Edition

el Seed’s “Perception” (via

In education news… 

This sting made the news this week — a NJ fake university used in a visa fraud case. (via)

Alaska cancels all testing for the rest of the year… (via)

Maggie Habberman on Hilary Clinton possibly being against nationally-mandated high stakes testing. What is interesting is the bifurcation between education reformers and teachers. 😦 (via)

Check out the persuasive letter that New York city charter school students wrote, protesting Ted Cruz’s visit, resulting in the cancellation of his visit. (via)

The University of the People and UC-Berkeley sign an articulation agreement. Interesting to keep an eye on to see how organizations like UoPeople disrupt higher education. (via)

Video on the on-going reporting about the Italian Cambridge graduate student who was doing field research in Cairo, went missing, and then was found mutilated on the side of a road. (via)

In other news… 

The big story circulating… the Panama Papers. A New Yorker by John Cassidy on the absence of American names in the papers and Daniel W. Drezner on the scale of the leak.

A New Yorker article by Will Self at the New Yorker on photographs by Nadav Kander, looking at derelict Soviet buildings along the Russian-Kazakhstani border. (via)

Julian Sancton on the way technology and innovation can contribute to the refugee crisis (and save lives). (via) Meredith Jung-En Woo on the challenges facing Syrian refugees and access to higher education. (via)

Julian Worland on the potential of US citizens applying for EU visas. (via)

The banality behind the breathtaking. Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post on Steph Curry’s tenacious work ethic. (via)

Behind the scenes of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Amazing.

el Seed’s “Perception”, a massive mural spanning 50 buildings in Cairo. Amazing vision. (viaHave a restful weekend! 


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