‘Round the Internet This Week: 1 April Edition

ataturk– Turkish president Erdoğan came to Washington, DC this week and things got a bit… rowdy (via). There are numerous reasons why Erdoğan is such a polarizing political figure. One reason is his administration’s repression of academic and journalistic freedom (via)

– The education impasse in Illinois comes to the fore this week with a one day chicago Public School system teacher strike (via) and layoffs beginning at Chicago State University (via). The “he said-she said” nature of the growing education crisis in Illinois (via).

– RIP Zaha Hadid (via)… inspiring pictures of her work (via), and her mixed legacy being one of the few female architects breaking the global glass ceiling in the field (via).

– Alexandra Elbakyan, a Kazakhstani graduate student who created Sci-Hub in order to make academic articles more widely accessible – more here (via).

– Academics can justify studying anything… the ethical questions that are raised when using Tinder to study people’s behavior (via).

– Cara Giaimo on one man’s curation of New York city trash.

– This is not an April Fool’s joke — evidence of the existence of… unicorns?

And since we are heading into the weekend, if you’re gearing up do some weekend binging, some suggestions on navigating Netflix.

Happy Friday!


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