Finally… launching my podcast…


I’m going to borrow from my inaugural podcast post for RupturED but I am excited about finally getting this podcast off the ground.  Follow me over at Tumblr and different podcast platforms (coming soon). 


Why “RupturEd”?

The idea for this podcast was two-fold. Amidst the challenges facing Education (big E), I wanted to create a space that provided people the opportunity to share about their work and experiences beyond the constraints of disciplines, publishing, and even the social mores of academe where we are often limited to being one thing, “the Methodologist”, “the Quants guy” or “the Higher Ed person”.

The second was to do this in podcast form, because, well, I like podcasts. I think it’s an occupational hazard that we already have a plethora of “required” readings—student papers, theses/dissertations, articles, and our own work. But podcasts? It’s less commitment. You listen and it’s over. In that moment, we’re engaged in a finite conversation (especially if you’re like me and respond to the conversations people are having on their podcasts)—and when the podcast episode is over, it’s over. I have to admit, the finality of podcast episodes appeals to me especially since as educators, very few things are ever really done.

Naming the podcast was more challenging—who knew that naming a podcast required so much time? I didn’t. While I had the idea for this podcast about a year ago, it took another six months to come up with its name. In December, I was waiting for a train when I noticed an ad for Southwest Airlines. The poster had some text but the most visible was the word “TransFAREncy” with FARE in all caps. I like a good wordplay as much as the next person, but this wasn’t using homonyms to say something clever. They took a word that rhymed with “pare”, which was “on message” with their ad, and then stuck it in the word. Word association? Memorable? Check and check. Will I fly on Southwest? I almost won’t fly on principle because that was such a horrible ad.

But as I was having coffee with a friend about education, social ruptures and liminal spaces, the Southwest ad came to mind, eventually leading to a word merge resulting in “RupturED”.

Ruptures are caused by some force being applied (or force being applied over time) and it’s safe to say that the global upheaval due to 35 (and counting) different concurrent political conflicts + 60+ million people in various states of displacement, with economies all of the world being in the state that they are, etc.–all these things are affecting education systems, educators, and thinking about Education as a field.

My hope is that amidst all the different forces, the socio-cultural-political events and institutions that have resulted in breaks in the global education system, that this podcast will explore the in-between spaces or the gaps that have subsequently emerged as a result of these ruptures. I also hope that we spark conversations and become inspiration for us as an education community to keep working towards rupturing systems that contribute to things like the reproduction of social inequality.


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