The First Post

When I was a kid, I loved getting new gym shoes. This didn’t happen often (because immigrant parents) but when I did, I did everything I could to keep them clean. Then the inevitable would happen (usually within an hour or two of wearing my shoes outside) – I’d trip or drop something and a smudge would appear.

For some reason, after that first smudge, it wasn’t as stressful. It was almost like the pressure to be perfect was off and I could return to life as usual.

For me, the first blog post is like that — I always stress out about the first post – what meaningful, insightful, and at the same time, funny thing should I wrote… and then it’s one year later, and I find myself again having been paralyzed by the pursuit of the perfect post. So, I decided to keep it simple and showcase my favorite sneaker, the staple grey Converse low top.

Here’s to the first smudge and blogging over here at 🙂


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